Why Make a Website?

With the seemingly infinite capabilities of social media, you may be asking yourself, ‘Why make a website?’. While it’s true that a website is not ‘essential’ to survive the business world, it’s also true that a website may be just the tool you need to grow and interact with your customers, clients, or other interested parties.

Websites are Yours

Having content on social media is enough to get the exposure and keep customers or interested parties up to date with what is going on with you or your business. However having a website that features your brand and custom content can be more effective in getting viewers or customers more comfortable with your overall message and style . That comfort can lead to higher customer conversions, higher likelihood of being hired, and solidify your entity as a legit operation.

Websites have Infinite Capabilities

Social media is introducing more and more great ways for businesses and individuals to network and share information. A custom website can do so much more! Receive automatic email notifications, have an interactive calendar, create a customer login page integrating with an existing platform, add games, music, you name it. The possibilities of a website are literally infinite.

Search Engine Exposure

If someone is using Google to find information, there is a logic to the order of the search results. Google is first and foremost trying to find the information that you are looking for by finding keywords from a number of websites. From there, the order they are displayed is determined by frequency of visitation, how well the content scores based on things like readability, and accessibility. But, if you don’t have a website, your content won’t show up at all. If you are sharing information that you want to be seen, it is crucial for you to create a website, and follow good practices for SEO. A good guide for that can be found here.


Whether you are trying to attract/retain customers, or looking for an employment, It is a very competitive world. Don’t miss out on the advantage a good website could give you. Ask me about creating a website today.

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