What Should I Put on My Website?

What to put on your website all depends on what you want people to do with it. If you are selling something, you might want to include an e-commerce store, if you are showcasing some of your work, obviously you will want a sleek gallery with some pictures. But no matter what you are showcasing, there are a few elements that you don’t want to go without:

Contact Page

You will want to include a contact page. People may not use it, but it is still good to have. People also may be looking for contact information in your footer too, so it’s good to include your address, phone number or email address, whichever applicable. If you are including a contact form that sends you emails, it’s good to have something that prevents spam such as reCaptcha. I have made the mistake of including a contact form without spam prevention, and it was abused by every spammer on the internet.

A Nice Home Page

You will also want to include a very attractive home page. This should not only include something that is going to get people to say like a nice picture or a deep quote, but also a guided structure that helps people navigate to any part of your website. Your information should be organized to present the most essential information first.

Google Analytics

While this is not technically a part of your website, it is an important element that you should include. Google Analytics allows users to view data about website traffic such as demographics, device type, and view time which can help you improve your interactions. If you find that certain people are coming to your website during a certain time of day, you may be able to use that to your advantage. Google Analytics can also help identify where you traffic is coming from, and then you can use that information to focus your advertising budget on the more effective sources.


Whether you are a lawyer, ad agency, artist or other, you will want to include some of these elements son your website. Visit my contact page to get started with your new website.

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