Do I Need an App?

Do you need an app? Well, of course, as an app developer, it’s in my best interest to tell you ‘Yes! When can I make one for you?”. But the cold hard truth is that you just don’t need one. Everything that you could do with an app, you could do with a website or social media (to a degree). Businesses leverage mobile apps to maximize their engagement with the customers or clientele, and to solidify their presence as a legitimate operation. There is simply no competition for being a regular part of something people look at every day, their phones.

Maximize Engagement

It can be easy to overlook the edge that having a mobile app can give you. You may think that there isn’t much practical difference between being connected with your customer or client base on social media and having an app, but there is.

Like it or not, humans are creatures of habit. It can be very difficult to get repetitive engagement through social media because normal people do not regularly use social media for utility tasks like banking, they use it for socializing. Getting someone to download and use your app can create positive habits through an infinite spectrum of engaging processes.

The ‘Wow’ Factor

I am always delighted when I find out a business I engage with frequently has a mobile app. Instantly, I have a sleek, user-friendly, convenient way to interact with the business, without having to navigate using a browser. Now, I’m not lazy, but I’ll admit that I do gravitate toward convenience. Your customers or clientele will love your new mobile app in the same way. And this love will most likely translate to higher conversion, higher traffic, and all around higher engagement.


Should you get an app? Yes, you should. Five years from now, when your customer base is still active, purchasing your products, or spreading the word, you will appreciate it.

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